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new warnings on the nuclear crisis in japan. welcome to "america live" on a monday. i'm megyn kelly. workers are finding new pools of radioactive water leaking from japan's crippled nuke plant at this hour. material from one of the six reactors is spreading further into the ocean. the new concerns started less than 24 hours ago when japanese officials reported a spike in radiation levels 100,000 times above normal inside reactor two. a cabinet official confirming that a partial meltdown at that plant is to blame for the spike. the plant's operator is reporting extremely high radiation levels in water tunnels outside the reactor. so high that top u.s. environmental officials report that a single dose is enough to cause hemorrhaging. more from osaka, japan.
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>> reporter: yes, megyn. it is looking serious now in terms of the quantity of radiation emanating from the nuclear plant. it appears that we have significant problems at reactor 2 and reactor 3. hearing there are pools of water in a trench that drains off from the reactor towards the sea. it's about 90 feet from the sea, we believe. and that's perhaps one of the reasons that we're seeing greater contamination off the shore. the information is not entirely cleaand that is because they're not sure exactly where the leak is coming from. the greatest concern is that it's coming from the container vessel, indicating, indeed, that there is a partial meltdown. the meltdown may be temporary, that hopefully they will be able to fill that container
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area up and keep the rods cool. because the radiation levels are so high, it's difficult for the workers to get in there. if they're able to go in without getting radiation burns, it limits what they can do. no one has identified where the breach might be coming from. we're hearing that there's been plutonium in five different areas. that doesn't present a risk to humans at the moment, according to the authorities running the utility, but as the samples were taken a week ago indicates that it would go to reactor 3. reactor 3 is run off plutonium and uranium. that is immensely toxic. megyn: dangerous radiation, plutonium, and on it goes.
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dominic, thank you. we've just gotten our hands on video giving us a closer look. here's a reporter with nhk describing the scene. >> at 10:00. a m. sunday, this was taken. it shows the ceiling of reactor 1 that collapsed in a hydrogen blast. white vapor is leaking from several holes in the roof. the roof of reactor 3 was also blown off and steam can be seen from inside. the walls of the number 4 reactor building have collapsed, exposing what appears to be a ball-shaped, yellow structure. steam is gushing out from the building. self-defense forces say they will continue to take videos to discuss the situation. megyn: this is the second
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aerial footage released to the public since the earthquake and tsunami struck on march 11. in addition to the leaks of radioactive water, we've seen three incidents where radioactive steam has released from the plants. now we're learning that trace amounts of that radioactive material has turned up in rain water in at least 13 united states' states. experts say there is no need for concern at this point. we'll speak with a medical expert about whether that's true. if you are in one of the states where the radioactive fallout has been seen, should you be drinking your tap water? and what if things go bam bad to worse in japan, as they're predicting, at least some experts are this morning, that it could do. i will play you a sound bite shortly that you will want to pay attention to right before we talk about if it's okay to
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drink our tap water. we want to know what the truth is. we'll get to the bottom of that coming up right here. this is a fox news alert, as we get reports from the battlefield in libya that some of the rebels captured by qaddafi forces are being tortured before they're killed. new video of rick leventhal meeting with doctors at a hospital. he got to take a look at some of the medical evidence and he's on the move in eastern libya right now and joins me by phone. rick? >> reporter: we heard rumors that some of the opposition fighters were being tortured before they were killed, but we had not seen direct evidence until today. i apologize if the satellite goes weak. we're between ras lanuf and ajdabiya. a doctor told us that of the six dead brought in, one had been tortured before he was killed. it's gruesome stuff. a finger and at least one toe
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cut almost completely off before he was shot in the head. the doctor told us he's seen this repeatedly. not every rebel is tortured, but many, many victims of this treatment from qaddafi forces and what he called mercinaries working for qaddafi. megyn: are they speaking to the number of victims now compared to when the conflict started? >> he said that the numbers have gone down. they set up this hospital in ras lanuf, but said that the numbers are going down because they're meeting less resistance because the nato fighter jets are talking out the tanks and armored positions, so they're not being killed in as great a
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nument bears, but apparently, they're being tortured before they're killed, some of them are. megyn: when rick's on the satellite phone, it sounds garbled and tough to hear. that's our only way of communicating with our reporters when they're not camera-ready and he's en route so that's us doing the best we can, trying to bring you the news no matter where our reporters are. 10 days since coalition forces entered the fight. and tonight, the commander-in-chief will tell the nation what the conflict is about and what's next. president obama is expected to explain the u.s. mission. fox news will have complete coverage of the president's address to the nation. he will speak at 7:30 p.m. eastern time. next hour, michael reagan joins us with what americans need to hear from the commander-in-chief tonight. i will ask him that question. we're looking more closely at new federal regulations that could come with a very big
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pricetag. the government is expanding the definition of who is disabled. that means new worries and new bills for business owners. shannon bream live with more. >> reporter: it stems from the americans with disabilities act. it was designed to make sure that people with limitations could function and be in the workplace with help from employers, but that cost a lot of time and money. the eeoc has delivered a brand-new round of regulations. now employers may need to recognize new classes of people with disabilities, for example, diabetes. >> the law has been in effect since january 1, 2009. the regulations will soon come into effect.
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there are cases already involving the law and i am sure the regulations will be challenged in the future and it will be an aspect of the decisions. i think very quickly we'll see the regulations in the court. >> reporter: the chamber of commerce says that the first review of the regulations leaves them with a positive impression. those in the business community say there are serious concerns about how many more employees they will have to spend time and money to accommodate. eeoc says that it strikes the right balance between employers and the disabled. >> disability groups and business groups together worked to pass that law and it passed unanimously in the u.s. senate. right there, the fact that it passed unanimously, tells you there they didn't think it would be a horrible thing for business. and i think what our regulations make clear is that
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this is a very workable law. >> reporter: the law is one thing and the regulations are a different thing that stem from that. the regulations go into effect may 24. megyn: for example, asthma. if that is something that the employer needs to offer accommodation for. certain cities, like detroit, saying, no more perfumed body sprays, no more deodorant, cologne, fragrance hairspray. they're cutting down on hairspray. >> reporter: fox would be shut down. megyn: so there are a lot of implications. >> reporter: sure does. megyn: it stinks, hairspray, so do some perfumes. do you wear perfume? i used to, but i stopped, because it was too much for even me during the day.
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let me know what you think. an aide to vice president biden is apologizing after a reporter at a fundraiser. he was there to cover the fundraiser and the vice president's speech and he was stuck in his closet, for an hour. what does this say about transparency. what if it had been a republican fundraiser and republican vice president? that debate, just ahead. a key witness in the amanda knox trial is giving conflicting testimony. we'll see if it could be the big break she's been waiting for in her case. plus, thought the union fight in wisconsin was over? think again. g.o.p. senators that supported the governor's bill cracking down on unions could soon lose their jobs thanks to a growing, strengthening effort to recall them. lou dobbs weighs in after the break. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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megyn: in wisconsin, republicans are insisting that a controversial bill to curb the tower of state unions is the law of the state officially, despite an ongoing court challenge. the bigger story may be the massive recall effort funded with millions of dollars from unions and liberal groups across the country that are gaining ground at this moment. lou dobbs is the host of "lou dobbs tonight" on the fox business network and joins me now. the republican state leadership committee, headed by ed gillespie, they're so worried about this, that they're putting a mid-cycle infusion of dough, but they're so concerned that they may be on to something. >> reporter: and gillespie is a smart guy. if he says that the republicans
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need money to poor into wisconsin, pay attention., afl-cio, the unions, massing to attack that state's legislature. because of the easy manner in which the state put it together so people can be recalled -- megyn: it's unusually easy to recall a lawmaker. >> i like it. i like that people have to get involved and get engaged. if wants to go in, fine. send in the republicans, the conservatives, do what's necessary. it's a time for the american people to be deb -- debating and a dialogue and if it takes money and sweat, so be it. megyn: and it will go beyond wisconsin. it is taking place in more states than just wisconsin. let's give viewers a flavor of how the left is going. a this issue.
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>> i believe the issues are being discussed are not unique to wisconsin. >> this is republican class warfare, an attack on the middle class. it's a battle we need to win. megyn: republican class warfare, attack on the middle class. the little kid with the moms' union. it will not just be in witsis with. if the wisconsinites manage to recall the g.o.p. senators, what happens in ohio and pennsylvania. >> remember, there are democrats being recalled. it will be a donnybrook of the best kind. it's about the will of the people in wisconsin. what they decide will be the result. megyn: if the left wins to get the republicans recalled, does it have a chilling effect on other republican governors?
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>> i don't think it has a chilling effect. i think it has a galvanizing effect. megyn: really? >> absolutely. the centrists, moderates, and conservatives are energized by the arrogance represented by and afl-cio and the other labor unions are doing. megyn: politicians, aren't they as a general law, scaredy cats? don't they want to keep their jobs and won't they be scared when they say, look what happened in wisconsin. i like my job! >> any elected official that will go to the dark corner of the room and suck on their thumb, we want them out of there, right? megyn: it depends on the legislation. sometimes you want them to be quiet. >> quiet is not bad. sucking on their thumb in a dark corner is bad. megyn: lou, i think the entire country will watch this.
1:19 pm
what happens if this works? let's say the g.o.p. guys and gals get recalled. what alternative will the governors have in trying to tackle their state's budget? >> they will have to do what scott walker has done in wisconsin. they will have to attack the issues. megyn: what if they can't crack down on unions because they're worried about moveon? >> then wrestle with gillespie. the message is clear -- we can't run government in nip level the way we've run it for 50 years. we have to have responsibility, prudence, and judgment. and that can't be done when you walk in the door just signing away the rights as governor to making a decision about your state's future and the state legislature being cowered by a
1:20 pm
man like george soros saying, it's my way or no way. megyn: it could happen as early as june. it will be interesting to watch. thank you, sir. lou dobbs, everybody. and you can catch, mr. dobbs, as you may have seen, on the fox business network every night. we're proud to have him. airs 7:00 p.m. around time. just when you thought japan's nuclear crisis couldn't get worse, we have reports of radioactive leads and they're serious. 13 u.s. states report finding trace levels of radiation here in our rain water, too. ed -- water, today. we have a specialist joining us.
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one of the biggest companies is considering of pulling up its headquarters and moving because of tax concerns. an important message ahead. the egyptain cobra is dangerous snake and one is missing in new york city. ♪ sneaky snake goes dancing hey, pete.
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megyn: a poisonous predator is on the loose. the reptile house at the bronx zoo is on lockdown. the cobra disappeared on late
1:25 pm
friday. they believe it's contained in an isolated area inside the building, but they're not sure. no one saw it escape. some official went to check on it and, oops, it was gone. hello! red alarm. egyptain cobra venom is extremely toxic. it can kill a person in about 15 minutes. how would you like to be the guy searching for this guy? it is says to destroy nerve tissues, calling paralysis and death. you would think that they could have it locked up where escape is not an option. legend has it that cleopatra used an egyptain cobra to commit suicide. well, yet another run to look down on the new york city subways. rescue crews are combing through what's left of an apartment complex in toronto.
1:26 pm
flames ripped through the complex. >> reporter: residents describe it as a morning of chaos and terror. two people are still missing and survivors rao*e counting horror stories as that explosion ripped through the three-story apartment building. as the walls crumbled around them, people jumped from second-floor balconies. one man was thrown by the force of the explosion. many residents describe the blast as feeling like an earthquake. one woman said, "there was a big bang on my bedroom wall and the guy's closet from inside was in my closet." another woman said that a bedroom wall fell down on top of her. police first thought 11 people
1:27 pm
were missing. now it's at two. officials are expecting fatalities, though he will not comment on the people with have not been found. some residents say they smelled a gas odor before the explosion. the cause is being investigated. it's not thought to have been caused by suspicious or criminal means. megyn: thank you. >> reporter: sure. megyn: the story of the reporter that got put in a closet for over an hour during a fundraising event for vice president biden. in 3 minutes, the debate of how this story is playing out. they ran into the burning twin towers and now a firefighter is forced to defend himself to the fdny because of this advertisement, landing the law firm and ad firm behind it a spot in "kelly's court." a kayaker seen here with a massive shark, but what he does
1:28 pm
moments later is what's really shocking.
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megyn: welcome back, folks. a couple of developing stories we're following for you,
1:32 pm
including how ousted egyptain president hosni mubarak and his family have been placed on house arrest. the country froze hosni mubarak's bank accounts a couple weeks ago. a saudi college student pleading not guilty before a texas judge a couple hours ago. that student allegedly planned to build weapons of mass destruction and bomb targets, including the home of former president george w. bush. doctors are talking about something called facebook depression. they're worried that it creates a phony view of reality. big news today on one of america's best-known companies. the c.e.o. of caterpillar sending a letter to the governor of illinois saying that they're thinking of leaving the state. the reason -- corporate taxes are too high. and now the c.e.o. says at least four other states are making a play for the company.
1:33 pm
president obama visited this plant roughly two years ago. >> the head of caterpillar said if congress passes our plan, this company will be able to rehire some of the folks who were just laid off. that's a story i'm confident will be repeated at companies across the country. megyn: what could this mean for other big companies? eric bolling of the fox business network is live in our newsroom. hi, eric. put it in perspective. >> sure. the c.e.o. of caterpillar employ 104,000 worldwide, 23,000 in illinois. in illinois, we talked about the personal income tax going up 66%, but they raised corporate income tax by 35%. megyn: since when? >> starting in 2011 through 2015. megyn: 35% in the next four years? >> no. immediately. right off the bat. it will go from 4.8% to 7%.
1:34 pm
and then higher. the problem is, it means massive amounts of taxes for the state of illinois. they paid $48 million last year and now this year they will pay $60 million. in the heat of one night, the governor raised the taxes. now caterpillar is being courted by other states. south dakota, zero corporate tax. megyn: zero? >> zero in south carolina and nevada. 5% mississippi, 5.5% california. texas has the one of the lowest taxes. it would cost them less to do business there. and in florida and texas, no personal income tax. megyn: if you are illinois and
1:35 pm
trying to argue against going to south dakota or texas or florida, how do you do that? >> you have no argument. you say, we've been business-friendly in the past. if you were watching tv last night, you saw "60 minutes" doing a piece on big corporations going overseas because of our tax structure. 35% on the federal level is going to be the highest, the highest, of all developing nations. it used to be japan and then us. they're lowering their rates. we're doing everything wrong taxwise. megyn: you want their money because we need it to help run the country, but we need the jobs. >> think long-term. megyn: thank you. >> you're welcome. megyn: catch eric bolling on the fox business network, monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday at 10:00 p.m. an aide to vice president biden is apologizing after an orlando
1:36 pm
reporter was kept in a storage closet during one of the vice president's fundraisers. biden's staff says that the reporter was led to a hold room. and it was to prevent him from speaking to people before the vice president showed up. what does this say about the administration's promise for transparency. former deputy assistant to george w. bush and former south carolina democratic party chair. gentlemen, thank you for being here. i want to talk about this in a couple of contexts. this reporter was not happy. he was the pool reporter, so representing all the networks, all the media, when he goes in there. and he's regulated to the closet, because it happens in the same weekend as the administration snubs fox broadcast network in putting out hillary clinton and robert gates on abc, nbc, and cbs, but
1:37 pm
not fox broadcast, which is the fourth of four broadcast networks. what is going on, brad? >> what's going on, they're trying to control the media anyway they can. if they were smart, you get more with honey than vinegar. look at fox news' ratings. it's an outrage. you expect this from a qaddafi or ahmadinejad, but not joe biden. you mean to say that the vice president must be reported from one reporter? megyn: he wasn't locked, but he was put in the closet for an hour and told to stay there. when he tried to pop his head out, they kept telling him to get back inside. it's not like people have a love affair with the press, but what's with stocking the guy in the klotz the and not letting
1:38 pm
him out to do any reporting or even for fresh air until the vice president gets there? >> this was obviously a mistake, but those of us who have had to deal with the media over the years, many times, we thought we would like it lock a reporter in the closet. >> but we never did it. >> in all seriousness -- wanted to. thought about it. apparently, somebody actually executed on it. they admitted it was a mistake. megyn: they have. >> two things i would remark about. first, it was a fundraiser. there wasn't anything extraordinary going on. for someone who has heard vice president biden speak, they didn't miss much. megyn: dick, it's not nice. >> it's true. megyn: he was let out for the vice president's remarks. >> i've heard him speak 50 times. i'm telling this reporter, you know, the closet may have been a better place to be.
1:39 pm
in all seriousness, i think what's going on is an overzelous staffer. in terms of hillary and other folks not coming on fox news yesterday, there is a sense -- megyn: fox broadcast. >> that fox is antagonistic to the administration. it may not be as fair and balanced, as i think it is. megyn: chris wallace? i think he's one of the most fair people. he hits hard on both sides. nobody gets a pass from chris wallace. >> i understand nobody gets a pass, but there's a sense among many democrats that fox is not fair and balanced. whether it's -- we heard sarah palin talk about cbs when katie couric did her interview, that they were hacking her to pieces. and, really, i think -- and she will not go back on cbs. it's up to the administration
1:40 pm
to decide where they think they can do the best. megyn: i know, and i'm not here to fight that battle. you are talking about a military action and i'm assuming that the viewers that watch chris wallace would have loved to have herd from our secretary of defense and secretary of state. >> i don't disagree, megyn. >> sarah palin was a candidate, not an elected official. you are talking about elected officials who are snubbing a major news organization who have millions and millions of viewers. you mean to tell me they can't come on and be questioned by chris and not be able to field his questions and to communicate to the american people? this is something where there's a systemic cancer on this presidency and it's this -- you cannot control the media. if the story is bad, it's bad. it will get out. your job is to come clean with
1:41 pm
the american people and it means coming clean on every newscast source and not just the one -- megyn: and you don't mean taking the press and putting them in a closet with a broom and a mop. >> that's right. megyn: a spokeswoman for vice president biden said it was a mistake. it was an inexperienced staffer that put him in the closet. and our own fox news team said it is normal to not allow the pool reporter access to the guests at a private fundraiser, but to keep them on hold. here it was a fundraiser for bill nelson from florida. i think they learned their lesson on that, guys. >> i think so. >> absolutely. megyn: thank you, both. in a matter of hours, president obama will try to answer tough questions about our involvement in libya, our goals on the battlefield and our plans for
1:42 pm
qaddafi. what does america need to hear? michael reagan has some thoughts on that. he will join me live to talk about the man his dad called mad dog, moammar qaddafi. swimming with the fishes? is this a fish? this guy jumped into the water with a shark three times the size of his boat. why did he do that? 12 u.s. states are finding trace amounts of radiation in rain water. we'll talk to a doctor about that and what it means for you 3 minutes away. >> i'm not surprised. it impacts all of us. >> i can believe it, but it doesn't concern me. i think the level is very low. >> i would be concerned for myself. ♪
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1:46 pm
have turned up in rain water there. that means that 13 states report seeing small levels of radiation as a result of what's happening in japan. california, washington, massachusetts, arizona, pennsylvania, colorado, oregon, hawaii, and north carolina, south carolina, florida, and nevada. experts say there is no cause for concern. you get nervous and they say it's linked to japan because they can isolate the type of radiation. and i think the question is, you don't want to be an alarmist, but can we drink the drinking water and not worry? >> right now, we're safe. what we're detecting is iodine 131.
1:47 pm
that's the type of iodine that the radio active iodine that degrades very quickly? it will wait to see what happens in the next week or two to find out how much radiation is being leaked at what water supplies are affected. megyn: if they wrap everything up in japan, we don't have to worry. the question is, what if they don't? an expert was on about an hour ago saying this -- >> fukushima has gone on 15 to 16 days and there's been at least three partial meltdowns and spent fuel rods, so this is a catastrophe. the only accident worse is chernobyl, where the reactor exploded. we don't think they will explode, but it's a possibility. we're in a slow-motion meltdown.
1:48 pm
i expect it to worsen over the week. megyn: then what happens here? >> this is a very serious problem in japan. it's a disaster of epic proportion. today they found plutonium in the soil around the reactor, one of the most lethal substances known to mankind. exposure to plutonium within that fuel rod could kill someone when 16 seconds. it's not easily airborne and it doesn't travel as far as iodine 131. what we detected was elevated,
1:49 pm
but not as much as what we would normally find in beer. a lot of foods contain radioactive material that at low levels are safe. so it's important for people to understand where we are right now in terms of the risks and where we're heading. in the next week, we'll all watch this carefully. we'll look at the water around japan. we'll be looking at fish. megyn: if 79 doesn't matter you, what bothers you, thousands? >> we would be concerned about that. megyn: what would be the alternative? >> we would have to look at other sources of water, but we're so far from that right now. megyn: same with milk and air? >> and, remember, radioactive iodine concentrates in milk because cows get it first.
1:50 pm
they eat it in grass and then it's found in the milk. and we can detect those levels. most vulnerable, children, pregnant women, the elderly. most importantly, people that are at most risk are compromised already. radiation can damage cells. it gets to the d.n.a. we're not there yet. >> we're not at the point where we need to have widespread concern. above this point, we need to be vigilant and watch how it unfolds. weeks, months, plutonium has a life of 100,000 years, iodine maybe 8 days. so we need to see what types of radiation. again, we have to be vigilant. megyn: thank you. we'll watch the levels. and, god forbid, they get higher, we'll have you back.
1:51 pm
>> thank you. megyn: we got new numbers on the housing market. one out of eight u.s. homes is vacant. why this is a worry for every american, regardless of if you own or rent. bombshell revelations in the case of amanda knox. the new testimony that could be a game-changer.
1:52 pm
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1:54 pm
megyn: new reports that there could be a game-changer in the appeal hearing for american amanda knox over in italy. she was convicted in the murder of her roommate. a witness for the prosecution is giving conflicting statements in court as knox, the american student, is
1:55 pm
appealing her conviction. gregg jarrett with the details. gregg: the superstar witness for the prosecution that helped amanda knox get convicted is a homeless, heroin, drug addict, a criminal. and now he's either confused or lying. knox is serving 26 years in part because a guy said that he recalled seeing her near the scene of the crime because it was the very same night that young people were milling around outside dressed in masks for halloween and waiting for buses to take them to clubs. he repeated it this weekend during her appeals' trial. trouble is, that wasn't the night of the murder. she was killed november 1, when nobody was in costumes or masks and buses were not even running.
1:56 pm
meredith's body was found on the floor of her apartment, throat slit, she had been sexually assaulted. amanda knox has insisted she had nothing to do with the crime. prosecutors claim her d.n.a. was on the murder weapon, a knife. now an independent analysis of that knife by two court-appointed experts found that the d.n.a. was so tiny, it is "insufficient to convict." you would expect knox's d.n.a. to be on the kitchen knife and in the apartment. why? she shared it with the victim. rudy gaday said that he was in the bathroom when knox and another man allegedly killed her. his palm print was on the back of a pillow and he could be the lone killer. megyn: you never want a
1:57 pm
"homeless heroin drug add into the criminal" to be your best witness. after 10 days of combat, the president will address the nation. michael reagan weighs in. a firefighter appears in an ad saying, "i was there," but he wasn't. land a lump sum of cash today.
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[ male announcer ] succeeding in today's market requires decisive action. go to trade and tap into the power of revolutionary mobile apps to trade wherever, whenever. life isn't experienced sitting idly by. neither is investing. e-trade. investing unleashed. megyn: it's 2:00 p.m. in the east and we are hours away from president obama's address to the nation on the mission in libya. a short time ago the white house said sit would offer no previews. welcome to a new hour of "america live." i'm megyn kelly. more than a week after american fire power started falling on the libyan nation targeting forces loyal to moammar qaddafi. libyan rebels advance on libya's hometown with air support from
2:01 pm
coalition forces. >> reporter: at an unrelated event president obama said america's involvement will be limited in length and scope. this will be his chance to lay out for the u.s. military and the nation the way forward when it comes to libya. white house aides say the president will update the american public. the transition to the american commander. what the u.s. will do going forward. they do not believe it sets a precedent for american involvement elsewhere in the middle east. over the weekend mr. obama gave us a bring it a preview on his thoughts. >> i firmly believe when innocent people are being broughtallized. when someone like moammar qaddafi creates a bloodbath and when the international community
2:02 pm
is ready to come together to save thousands of lives, it's in our national interests to act. >> reporter: there are reports coming out of paris saying the u.s., britain and france are having a conference call talking about the political way forward when it comes to libya. we reached out to the white house and have not gotten confirmation from them at this point. white house officials insist the president will talk about how u.s. efforts in libya have advanced american interests and helped avoid a catastrophy. megyn: just ahead michael reagan will weigh in on what america needs to hear from president obama tonight. we'll have complete coverage of the speech tonight on the fox news channel. also on capitol hill, lawmakers
2:03 pm
are back in town trying to strike a budget deal. but time is again running short. and the sides are still tens of billions of dollars apart with a government shutdown hanging over the whole thing. if we had a anyone for every time they said there are only weeks force for them to strike this budget deal. >> it is facing a deadline to keep the federal government running for the fiscal year. we are hearing democrats may propose up to $22 billion in addition ago spending cuts to meet republicans halfway. but is it enough? not for tea partyers. congressman lou barlet announced he will support no more. he says the people of pennsylvania sent me to washington to stop the out of
2:04 pm
control government spending and that's what i'm doing. my patience has run out and so has the patience of the people at home. michele bachmann prescribed a different cure for our economic ills. >> no stimulus, no entitlement reform. no healthcare initiative. no educational revamp can match the power of an intact two-parent family to drive economic growth and health and well being in the united states. >> reporter: harry reid holding what he calls a back off security security event. also leveling a new broadside at tea partiesers saying i'm disappointed that tea party republicans are scrapping all the progress we have made and are threatening to shut down the government if they don't get
2:05 pm
their extreme demands. senator john mccain on the sunday talk shows said republicans should be carrying the tea party message of reigning irainreining in spendi. this is plutonium detected in the soil outside of the fukushima nuclear plant. the earthquake and tsunami cause.the partial nuclear meltdown. that's sparking questions in the united states about our own nuclear power plants. dozens of those sites are in known earthquake zones. alicia acuna is live from the earthquake information center in
2:06 pm
golden, colorado. >> reporter: we hear about the west coast a lot. but this part of the country also has a long history of earthquakes. disaster response drills will be held in this area this spring. >> are respect to the united states, we are constantly practicing -- >> reporter: janet napolitano recently reassuring the nation on a japan-size nuclear catastrophy here. >> it's a scenario that's currently experiencing earthquakes and has a history of magnitude 7 to 8 earthquakes. >> reporter: the new madrid fault doesn't worry engineer jeff king. >> they should be comfortable for those plants. >> reporter: he says the fukushima likely survive the quake. ed rate ohio active disaster
2:07 pm
came with the tsunami that knocked out power. >> if i still lived in that area my biggest worry would be the loss of my water and power. >> reporter: geologists agree saying the central states are less like japan than like christchurch, new zealand. >> christchurch has a building infrastructure that is a will the like what you find in the central u.s. 100-year-old brick buildings, no reinforcement. >> you can see the hotpots on the west coast as well. and we are told that this area of the country is us acceptable to a tsunami. and there is one nuclear reactor up in this area. but it's up above a different -- very different from what we have seen in japan. despite all these hotpots. seismologists say earthquakes can happen anywhere.
2:08 pm
megyn: it's interesting. if you look at her map, this is sort of the hotpots in terms of earthquakes in this country. look at this. you can see she is right. over on the west coast, not quite as bad in terms of our exposure. if you look in the middle it's a different story. thankfully that's land locked. that's not an area of the country at risk for tsunami. and that according to the experts alicia was citing is where things start to get dangerous. thanks again. it's 32 years to the day since the commercial nuclear power plant disaster in u.s. history. today folks gathering to remember the 3-mile island disaster offered their prayers for those in japan. equipment failure and operator errors combined to cause a partial core meltdown near harrisburg, pennsylvania.
2:09 pm
that accident caused no immediate injuries or deaths. a spokesman for the 3-mile island facility says that disaster taught plant operators many valuable lessons. new york's bravest risked life and limb on 9/11. now one firefighter forced to defend himself to the entire department over a photo of him in uniform claiming to have been there and he wasn't. and the photo may not have been his fault. we'll explain and talk about this lawsuit. the housing market just got devastating news. is this the beginning of the double-dip meltdown some experts have been predicting? we'll examine that with our panel. a man goes to the end of his driveway to pick up the morning paper when it explodes. >> it shook several times. i heard it. we were on the back side of the
2:10 pm
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megyn: now to the story of the man in the 14-foot boat who came face to face with a 24 foot shark. the man onboard that kayak jumps into the water. he says he recognized it was a basking shark and he knew they ate plankton, and not meat eaters. an figured he would be safe. what is plankton? tiny little organisms. he lived to tell about it. so good for him. bring on the plankton. here we are, 2:15 in the east and we are just about five hours from a critical speech from president obama. the white house said there will nobody previews of what the president will say about libya tonight. it has been more than a week
2:14 pm
since american fire power began targeting forces loyal to dictator moammar qaddafi. and the president is expected to explain the mission to the american people. by is it 10 days too late? michael reagan is a her to of "the reagan revolution" and chairman of the reagan group. people are saying why haven't we heard from the president to tell us why we are risking american lives in this venture although some on the left said good for him, we didn't need anymore from the president. >> i say he's got a big job to fulfill tonight when he speaks to the united states of america from the oval office. first of all convince us and put us at ease there there is a reason, there are vital interests in libya. he has to also convince the left that it was okay for him to start a third kinetic war i gets
2:15 pm
would be when he was elected to shut down guantanamo will be and now we are in this no-fly zone. have you noticed the no fine zone has turned into the rebel's own air force? they have an air force qaddafi doesn't have. people see that every sing day. it's a little bit more now than it was meant to be in the beginning. boik rsbarack obama has a huge job tonight. megyn: you talk about the need for him to convince the american people this does involve the vital interests of the united states. but this weekend on the sunday shows his own secretary of defense seemed to contradict that. watch bob gates and watch how hillary clinton does cleanup on aisle 7.
2:16 pm
>> i don't think it's vie at interest for the united states and it's part of the region that's a vital interest for the united states. >> they didn't atalks. but what they were doing and qaddafi's history and the potential for disruption and instability was have much in our interests as bob said and seen by our european friend and arab partners as vital to their interests. megyn: she says it's vital to us because it's vital to our friend. >> you have an administration that's not speaking with a single voice. there is no single voice coming out and talking about what are our vital interests. if you listen to both of them over the weekend, there is no vital interest in bahrain, there is no vital interest in yemen. no vital interest in saudi or syria. so this is a big job the president has before him. i think he's up to his you know what in alligators with all of
2:17 pm
this and saying nato is in charge. who controls nato? it's the united states of america. we are the big dog in this fight. i have listened to generals who concerned bult matily having to put troops on the ground. if you leave qaddafi alive you will see terrorism he can mowed in the world we live in. megyn: we said our military goal does not include taking out qaddafi. what can barack obama do tonight. as peggy noon ma peggy noon mane hired him to end battles. he has to speak to the entire country on what the end game is. even the hawks in this country are getting war weary with 10 years under our belt. >> you are absolutely right. i'll go back to something my
2:18 pm
father told me one day. he said michael you are elected president of the united states. but there comes a point in time where you need to become the president of the united states of america. and that time is here for barack obama. tonight is no more about campaigning. he has been campaigning since he started in illinois back for the senate of the united states, he has never stopped. tonight barack obama needs to become the president of the united states and the leader of the free world. if he does not, we are all in trouble. megyn: how does he do it? in that peggy noonan piece, she worked with your dad, she has done work with right-leaning politicians over the years. she said in this piece, you follow him with your eyes, and not with your heart. he needs to change that tonight. >> he needs to change it. he needs to become the leader of
2:19 pm
the free world tonight. he needs to show us he's also a good listener. one thing he has got a problem with. he has never been a great listener. ronald reagan was a great listener. made us feel at ease when he took to the oval office to talk to the american people. nobody feels comfortable with barack obama. today he may not telling us what he's going to say, but he better be sitting down doing some soul searching and show a little humility and show could be humble and show he can lead. he is the only president we have at this point in time. you can't turn to someone else and say now, you take over. he is the president. damn it, become it. megyn: michael reagan, thank you, sir. we have complete coverage of tonight's address right here on the fox news channel. shepard smith will be anchoring
2:20 pm
our live programming. the president's remarks extend for 7:30 eastern time. what do you think president obama should say about libya tonight? that many our live question today. you can log on to and vote. and you can see what others are saying. the housing market getting another big joaltd jolt. one out of every 8 homes are vacant in this country. why isn't this a top concern in washington. this is where it all started. our power panel weighs in. a guy goes out to get his morning paper and it blows up. why? upcoming. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
2:21 pm
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megyn: welcome back. we have brand-new video from syria just a couple hours ago showing security forces opening fire on hundreds of demonstrators. the violence that broke out there just over a week ago spreading nationwide. sir yams armed forces are killed dozens of protesters in armed clashes. our secretary of state hillary clinton has ruled out military involvement there. libya rebels have recaptured two key oil complexes. they plan to resume exports. a skier pulled from the snow after an avalanche in utah has died. two on thers survived. extreme weather alert and mudslide danger in northern california.
2:25 pm
an evacuation advisory is posted after torrential downpours flooded streets and neighborhoods. this is the second time in a week rushing waters have threatened homes in this area. where is that? >> reporter: it's north of san francisco. we have a storm system headed to the pacific northwest. but it's going to spare those areas in california. northern california where most of them will not see any rainfall out of this. so you can see we have cloud cover and even some rain taking place into seattle. but as we look further south what we are experiencing now is a storm system that many existing the east coast and along with it is bringing heavy downpours and potential for hail. most of the country is dry and most country is experiencing cold temperatures. that's what a lot of us will continue to experience unfortunately. the jet stream is pretty far to
2:26 pm
the south, and that's bringing the cold air in from canada. much of the nation will be experiencing temperatures 10-15 degrees below the average through the day and into tonight. that megyn includes us here in new york city. megyn: keep bundling up. it's technically almost april. shea, thank you. isn't it out like a lamb? right? march? in like a lion? why not. we are still lion. a firefighter is defending himself after appearing in this isment. it features pictures from 9/11. and the caption reads, "i was there." but he wasn't. today that firefighters and the company behind the ad find themselves in "kelly's court." devastating news for the housing market. it's leaving a glut of vacant
2:27 pm
homes behind. some predict this is the beginning of a second meltdown. a bomb hidden inside the sunday paper exploding as a man went to pick it up. why? we'll explain. hi, dad. we need to talk.
2:28 pm
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megyn: a man goes down his own driveway to pick up the sunday paper and it explodes in his hands. neighborhood are stunned, not to mention the homeowner. police are searching for the bomber. claudia cowan has more live in san francisco. >> reporter: police say they are looking for a suspect and a motive in this case. it's unclear whether this elderly resident was targeted specifically or whether he was the victim of a random attack. police say they have plenty evidence including bomb fragments that will be analyzed and processed by federal agents and clues from this small crater in the ground that was created when this device blew up. this happened in the bay area subdivision of vavaville. some kinds of bomb blew up in his face. he's in the hospital recovering
2:32 pm
from some serious injuries to his hands. according to a few reports he lost a few fingers. >> what if we would have sent our kids out to get the paper. we have four kids. >> reporter: fearing there might be more newspaper bombs sitting in nearby driveways, vavaville police and the bomb squad evacuated the area. as for the victim within his name has not been released. but neighbored describe him as the grandfatherly type who would ride his bike around the neighborhood. he was waiting for family members to come over to his house so they could have breakfast together. that's when he went out to get his sunday paper. he's listed in critical but stable condition.
2:33 pm
megyn: bad news for the struggling housing market. 13 percent of all homes in the united states are said to be vacant right now. in some states the number is even higher. experts say this could force home prices which are already depressed to plunge even further. in the beginning of march a top housing expert predicted another housing crash was on its way, quote, soon. is this a sign that has started? we have the vice chair of prudential bissell exempts. thank you both so much for being here. it's a couple of things that have hit. you have this. you have 13% of the homes are vacant. which they say is killing many housing markets. sales of new u.s. homes sunk to a record low in february. sales of existing homes down 10% in february which is the lowest level in almost a decade. it's the combo that hat this guy
2:34 pm
robert schiller saying we are heading for another hit and we are talking about home prices falling up to 25%. >> we are in a double dip. this would be grabbing headlines it wasn't for what's going on in the middle east and japan. robert schiller also said he thinks the housing market turn around is not going to turn around in five years as the federal reserve predicted. he's saying 10 years or more. is this the housing crackup ever? yes. even back in 1963 there were 600,000 new homes sold. that's when the population was 120 million fewer people. the numbers are pretty bad. megyn: they are trying like never before to get people to buy homes. the prices are low. the interest rates are low, then i read today they are offering incentives like this. upgrades including wood burning
2:35 pm
fireplaces and all stainless steel kitchens. low seller financial according to one report. year free insurance that would pay the mortgage if you lose your job. and on it goes. still record lows in the sales of u.s. homes and existing homes. >> one is employment. we need jobs. places where there is decent employment and a good outlook, new york, washington, the palo alto-san francisco area, those areas are holding up well. the real estate is holding up. it's even increasing in price. all the other areas where there is an issue of unemployment they can't find the bottom. megyn: how big a factor is the buyer reluctance? we have the foreclosure epidemic. even in areas like new york. if you have a job you have got to be worried about it. we have got consumer confidence very low. all the polls show people think
2:36 pm
our best days are behind us. how does the psychological factor play in? >> people have been sitting with their cash parked on the sidelines. people are saying no, they are saying two years more. that's when you are going to see the housing market really bottom out. but this matters to policy makers because it's a political hot potato. nobody in washington wants a double dip in housing. and we have a soggy housing market because of government intervention. the other thing is a fifth of homes in dayton, ohio sit vacant. a massive overhang of inventory in southern california, vacant. who are you going to tax if nobody is in there. are you going to go the wrong direction and try to raise taxes? megyn: all these houses vacant.
2:37 pm
13% of all u.s. homes are vacant. why can't those sell. you would think those would be at rock bottom prices and people would buy at least those. >> there is a price believe you can't sell it. you have a mortgage that's too big. it's not like it's up to you. the mortgage doesn't permit to you do that it's a big mess that needs to unravel. megyn: what do you think is the solution? there has been talk about another government intervention. a lot of people get upset about that. >> i agree with that. i think we need to find other ways to build up demands. what we said last name. let you use your 401k or other investments, tax-free, penalty free to invest in a second home. to invest in a home for your child. to invest in a first home. that will increase the demand. megyn: now is a good time to buy. spring pore home sellers is like
2:38 pm
christmas for retailers. >> there are still a lot of issues. we need to loosen up credit a little bits. but logical credit choices. megyn: i have to ask this. trying to go through this process myself with my husband and having friends going through it to try to get all your ducks in a row for a mortgage. they want everything. and i have a house already in virginia that i'm renting. but they -- it was nothing like this when i got the mortgage a couple years ago. >> it's worse than a root canal. it's the backlash because the banks in the past would lend to anybody who could fog a mirror. they are stick it to the good guys. but that's the problem, too. >megyn: people don't want to go for that. i thought it was beyond pale when my mortgage broker asked to
2:39 pm
see my last copy from my o.b. exam. >> i think we need common sense lending. fogging the mirror was way too lax. but now we don't need your underwear size. we need common sense lending. if people have good employment outlooks they should be lent to so they can buy homes. megyn: i got this place in virginia. i don't want to sell sit because i'll lose a bunch of money and it's under water. then you want to buy a home for your family and everything is scary it's a scary time to buy. >> virginia is a decent market. megyn: thank you both so much. up next. one of america's bravest
2:40 pm
appearing in a new ad featuring 9/11. the caption reads, "i was there." but he wasn't there and he didn't consent to that caption for this particular photo in this particular way and that lands him in today's "kelly's court." she won an oscar for her role in black swan. but now there are questions over whether it was really that are you portman performing the dance moves which the studio and miss portman led us to believe. what one dancer is now saying straight ahead.
2:41 pm
2:42 pm
2:43 pm
megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket. trick photography rubbing salt in the wounds on the day that changed the world. firefighter robert keiley
2:44 pm
covered in soot. the law firm hires an ad firm. the headlines below this caption reads, quote, "i was there." worby groner is there for me. he became one of america's finest in 2004. he wasn't a firefighters web was a model posing for a generic photo suit, gripping a helmet, not a picture of the twin towers. he says his picture was doctored. he did not consent to it and the effort to try to make it look as if he was claiming he was there when he wasn't is wrong an intends to sue. saying he has had to explain himself to the entire fdny which
2:45 pm
he has since joined. let's ask our panel if he has a case. hopefully that wasn't too confusing for our viewers. basically this guy was a model in 2001 and 2003 when this was shot. in '04 he became a firefighters. he said he was never told they would use tonight this manner. dose have a case. >> it wasn't confusion as the all. the point is that this is commercial misappropriation at its finest. this is a person who shot a picture. and what did they do? his is abhorrent to be profiting off of it. they took in place of where he had a helmet of a firefighters and photo shopped in a photograph of the charred 9/11. it shouldn't be done. he didn't consent to this in any way, shape or form. for those who say he signed a
2:46 pm
release, let's be clear. when you sign a release you don't allow the person to use your picture for any purpose they want. once they alter that photograph they waive their right to suggest you released yourself. megyn: i think one thing i got wrong is they just used the picture. the ad firm just put the ad together, but they took a file photo from a couple years ago. now he's saying you humiliated me. i never consented for my photo to be used in this manner. does he have a point? >> i think he does morally but not legally. i understand what joey is saying. i embrace most it on a moral level. it does suck to explain that you weren't really there but you lock like you were in this ad. but here is the bottom line legally. that disclaimer he signed. he waived his rights. megyn: the release when you pose for a photograph.
2:47 pm
they didn't put him in a picture with a donkey and midget. he's acting. he's an actor. at the bottom of the ad was this is an actor portrayal. not everyone in the characteristics a lirks s ads d. not every one in the cialis ads have erectile disfunction. >> you can't put a tiny disclaimer and that should allow you to use this picture in any way. he was not there. he was not a firefighters. number two you are making the suggestion that he actually is making a claim for funds that he has no intention of trying to receive. he wants to clear his name an should be able to clear his name. >> not every one who is in an ad actually enjoys the milk or drinks milk. the second thing is.
2:48 pm
megyn: by it doesn't make them look bad. when you go for a milk commercial and you doesn't drink the milk, it doesn't make you look bad. he has been humiliated. >> let's jump over the hurdle. what are the damages? he didn't lose his job. he has to explain away too people who didn't read the fine print and aren't aware not every advertisement is truthful. megynmegyn: he hasn't filed a lt and he's not going to sue for damages. >> what the law allows, let's be clear. in a legal set of framework and a moral set of framework. he wants to clear his name. >> if you sign a waiver, a person wants you to sign a waiver on a picture they can do anything they want, they can write captions and photo shot picture? megyn: now we are at issue as
2:49 pm
they say in the law. you both agree it's a sliding scale. you consent to something and the question is what did you consent to. is this so close to the original consents where he was holding up a fire helmet, is it closer to that or closer to something you say putting dogs and kittens tonight and making an entirely different ad. >> it's an entirely different ad and he's looking for an injunction to prevent them from using it for commercial benefits. he's looking to clear his name. >> did they ever tell him in the agreement exactly what this ad would be in no, they kept it wide open for them to have unbridles discretion of his use and image. >> so under your theory they can photo shop it and alter it and that's fine. because once you sign a waiver you are waiving everything. >> a little bit louder and with
2:50 pm
more passion, joey. again, just because he signs a waiver, and nothing in there -- keep in mind, nothing in there told him this would be an ad for fire prevention. he erroneously believed that. >> did they alter the ad? megyn: he was gripping a helmet in the shot. i want our viewers to know. the law firm is this warby groner. they were ready to take home a third or a more of a settlement on behalf of sickened workers from ground zero. and he said that's too. now this law firm is refusing to comment other than saying he signed a release. one final word for our viewers. this case will come down to what did this model consent to.
2:51 pm
ed the ad firm using his picture in any manner or only use of the shot as posed for it. the disclaimer about this being an actor will help the ad agency but it will probably not be the end of the matter. we'll continue to follow it. [ male announcer ] if you think "heroes" are only in movies, consider this: over 70% of firefighters are local volunteers... these are our neighbors putting their lives on the line. and when they rely on a battery, there are firefighters everywhere who trust duracell. and now you can join with duracell to help. just buy specially-marked packs & duracell will make a battery donation to local volunteers. these days don't we all need someone to trust...? duracell. trusted everywhere. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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2:54 pm
megyn: tributes are still coming in from across the country for geraldine ferraro who died saturday after a battle with cancer. the former vice presidential candidate and fox news contributor was one of our first guests here@on "america live." and one of hers last appearances was on fox on election night as she sat next to another former
2:55 pm
female vice presidential candidate. >> what about the possibilities of a female president in our time? >> there might be some people running in 2012 or 2016. which event i hope you will invite me on the show to make comments. megyn: whoever could you mean? you said something that i thought was interesting. when you watched geraldine ferraro in 1984 did you ever picture it would be possible for you, too, to be a vice presidential contender? >> i thought i was going to be a sports commentator or first commissioner of the nfl. it's such an honor to be with you in person. i admire all that you have accomplished. >> thank you. megyn: they had a beautiful rapport and i'm personally grateful for all the words of encouragement she gave to me as a fellow professional.
2:56 pm
for all of her he accomplish --s. one of her greatest is being recognized only now as the accolades pouring in for this woman who spent her life in the devisive world of politics but is receiving such praise from democrats and republicans, men and women, young and old. a true testament to a great politician and a great person. she will be missed. geraldine ferraro, gone at 75 years old. we'll be right back. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
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>>megyn: lots of e-mails about our perfume reader. should you wear it in this day and age? it is a problem for those with asthma. here is one person ... writing from an unnamed man for his protection in new jersey "so glad you brought up the issue. so many women overdo it, i do

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Libya 11, Wisconsin 9, Japan 7, Michael Reagan 6, Biden 6, Illinois 6, Amanda Knox 5, Washington 5, Obama 4, Moammar Qaddafi 4, Duracell 4, Caterpillar 4, Pennsylvania 4, Niaspan 3, Chris Wallace 3, Nato 3, Qaddafi 3, Geraldine Ferraro 3, Gillespie 3, Pete 3
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